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Leaflet with lamp pattern The reliability of this connection is increased by the use of a latch that is screwed on top. Thirdly, the driver is taken out of the lamp housing and is located in a massive metal case. Before I took these lamps for review, I knew that the radiator is screwed onto the lamp body. The lamps themselves 6. The headlight has a standard Osram halogen, you can see it in the review. The radiator and the lamp are connected using a sealed connector. I thought, just in case, go to the store and buy thermal paste to apply it to the threads, for better heat transfer to the radiator. Allen key, for adjusting the adapter (in this case under H4) Link to documentation: luxeon z es It is interesting that three LEDs under the curtain are responsible for the low beam, with a color temperature of 6500K (cold white), and three more LEDs are responsible for the high beam, with a color temperature of 3000K (warm white, more yellow). The model has the designation A359. Let’s see how they differ so much from other lamps. Sachet of silica gel The connector has a key, so plugging it in incorrectly will not work. I’ll make a reservation right away in order to avoid swearing in the comments. By the way, the radiator can be installed in two ways. 4. 2. Driver So why are these lamps so expensive? Firstly, luxeon z es LEDs manufactured by lumileds are used here. In this review, I will talk about LED lamps in the H4 base from the manufacturer NOVSIGHT. 3. Instruction, which describes in detail the process of installing lamps Secondly, the lamps have a thick aluminum body, for better heat dissipation, and a radiator.

Overview of NOVSIGHT A359 LED lamps

I installed it narrowing inward, because. it is this option that will allow me to install the lamp along with the boot. When you take the lamp in your hands, you immediately feel that this is far from a budget option for lamps. These lamps belong to a higher price category than those that I reviewed earlier. 5. But it was already applied to the thread, and it was applied evenly over the entire thread. 1. The lamps are delivered in a cardboard box that contains: I don’t drive with such lamps, I do all lamp reviews for the sake of interest and pleasure.

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