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Next, we squeeze a little of the contents onto the tube and lightly fix it with our fingers so that it stays confidently on the edge. Who doesn’t love soap bubbles? I think there are few. It seems that the Chinese entertainers have solved this problem. If you squeeze out even less, then the bubble can most likely break when blown out. Delivery took a little over a month, and here I have the package. And yes, I tried to do the same with Moment-Crystal glue; no, nothing happened. Packaging design in the best Chinese traditions of the 90s.

A set for blowing bubbles – almost like soap bubbles, but they don’t burst

The outlet is closed with a metal membrane, the contents cannot dry out. The tubes are small, weighing 10 grams each, one tube is enough for about 15 bubbles. In the photo – plus or minus the minimum amount, somewhere 1/2 of a pea. One thing is bad about them – they do not live long. Well, let’s go let’s go fly away blew! Point number 4 is not true – there are no bears in the output. The membrane is pierced with a spike on the lid. Although, in fact, the observed bubbles are not soap bubbles at all, but from a distance of a meter you will no longer notice this. The picture on the tube is not printed – it’s just a wrapped piece of paper. As soon as you start squeezing the contents of the tube into the nostrils, the familiar aroma of “Moment” glue hits you to tears. Inside — jelly-like transparent substance of pinkish color. Instructions on the back. Looking ahead – after blowing the bubble, the smell quickly disappears. The set includes three tubes of bubble fluid and three plastic straws.

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