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Then he took a ladder, a rope, soap, pah, patience and a good mood, of course))) and a little courage – climbed a nut. And hard nuts.

Sawing by hand is tiring even for a young person, especially when there are 3 floors (or 10 meters) of height underfoot, sneakers strive to slide along the branches, you hold the file with one hand, clutched the branch with the other, pressed your body against the trunk… Prologue – Straight to the point. final cuts and such a concrete crack is heard, the little one, I think, is shocked by such a thickness of branches, … The nuts were blown out so that in the event of a good wind they could break through the roof. The review has a disassembly and video.

Cordless saw 6" (15cm). Well, shtosh, Chip and Dale rush to the rescue ©, because this is what the son-in-law needs the weekend for))). Sawing – TTX – Disassembly – Conclusions – Video.
I first evaluate the order of how to cut the branches, so that there is something to grab onto, what to stand on and what to tie up the cut to Actually, I need a saw for quite specific tasks, which I outlined above. Therefore, when I saw the reviews from Comrade .uncle_sem for a 4" saw and from comrade ResSet for a 10" saw, then the master’s insides were already looking forward to this Whack-whack (and their girlfriend Gadget) on their tool shelf. Every autumn you have to saw something, cut it, in general, put things in order. Review structure: if necessary, we tie up a branch (if there is a slate in the “damage zone”), then we make a cut on the bottom of the branch (as much as we get, usually by 1/3) and saw it … To begin with, I tested it on dry branches of apple trees, cherries and apricots (I didn’t take a picture, I forgot). The mother-in-law has a small garden on the plot.

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