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Material of body: plastic

Compact bread maker Hyundai HYBM-3080

Cooking programs: 19 Conclusion As in any business, here you need to adapt to a specific stove and choose the optimal recipe. Since ingredients play a big role in baking bread, I will show what we bake from: Maximum weight baking: 750 g Thank you for your attention. Dimensions: 310x210x300 mm
Mode 1 “Basic” 500 g: Specifications Weight: 3.75 kg. Mode 2 "Sweet bread" 500g: The product was provided for writing a review by the store. Color: white
It looks like a long loaf, good for breakfast in the morning. Power: 500 W
Cut, dry inside: Memorizing the program when the power is turned off: 10 min
Hyundai HYBM-3080 is an interesting version of a compact bread maker for small kitchens, it does not take up much space, and a portion of baking at a time is up to 750 g. Enjoy the shopping!
Wet inside, similar to Easter cake. The results of the bread machine. Let’s start the review with the declared characteristics of the product. There is a convenient timer delay the start of the program to get fresh pastries for breakfast. Delay start timer: 15 h New bread recipes can always be found on the Internet, not limited to basic recipes from the instructions. Product name: automatic bread maker Power cord: 1.2 m Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules Programs for dough: 5 Bread made from whole grain flour is darker and denser. Keep warm : 60 min

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